Student Accounts

The Foundation for the Fine Arts supports the teachers, programs and students of the fine arts disciplines at CHS. One way the FFA supports our students is by giving them the opportunity to earn money for their discipline related expenses. These funds are held for them in an FFA student account.

When the FFA sponsors a fundraiser, part of a student’s sales is deposited into her student account. In addition, a fundraiser sponsored by an individual discipline may provide an opportunity to earn money for a student’s FFA account. One final way a student, or parent, can earn money for a student’s FFA account is by working at the after-school concession stand.

At the end of each month, the FFA student account chairperson generates a report and provides discipline directors and presidents a list of their students’ balances to post.

Student account funds can only be used to pay for discipline related expenses, and a student must request a transfer of funds to a discipline when they want to pay an obligation. For example, a student has $30 in her FFA student account. Her obligation for an orchestra concert dress is $85. If she requests a transfer from her student account to orchestra for this expense, she will only have to pay the remaining $55 for the dress.

Providing a way to earn money for their discipline expenses is one way the FFA is committed to supporting our fine arts students.


How do I know what my student account balance is?
Your discipline director or president will make student account balances available once a month. The report is usually available by the second week of the month.

Where do I get the form to request a transfer of funds?
The form is obtained through your discipline director/teacher.

I submitted a transfer request, why doesn’t my discipline show it?
Requests are only processed once a month and after that your discipline treasurer needs to credit your payment – it may take longer than you think. It’s a good idea to keep a copy of your transfer request for your records. Contact the Student Account chairperson with concerns.

I participated in a fundraiser, why wasn’t any money credited to my student account?
Not all fundraisers allow money to be credited to student accounts; check with your director.

What happens to money in my student account when I graduate from CHS?
The FFA constitution states that a graduating senior may transfer his student account balance to a sibling’s student account- even a rising 9th grader. Otherwise, the balance remains with the FFA. In 2013 the FFA board voted to use these graduating senior balances to fund annual need-based awards for fine arts students.

What do I do if I think there’s a mistake in my student account?
Don’t hesitate to contact the Student Account Chairperson.