Concession Stand Guidelines

Concession Stand Student and Adult Participation Guidelines


Adult Volunteer Guide
Concession Stand Daily Instructions
Concession Stand Closing Checklist

Student Sign-Up Procedures

  1. The discipline President or designated parent will post the concession stand calendar in the classroom about a month before the shifts start.
  2. Students will initially be permitted to sign up for only two to three shifts in the month. One student shift is available each day.
  3. After a certain amount of time has passed (time determined by the President) and all students in that discipline have been given a chance to sign up for 2-3 shifts, students may sign up for additional spots that are still open.
  4. Students receive $10 in their FFA student account each time they work.
  5. Parent volunteers receive $10 for each shift that they work. The credit will be placed in their students account.
  6. If a student has a conflict and cannot work their shift, they should cross their name off of the calendar prior to that shift. This allows another student to sign up and work.

Student Account Withdrawal Guidelines

  1. Students and parents receive a credit in their student account for each shift they work. This is not cash and students may not withdraw cash from their account.
  2. Students may use their credits to pay for activity fees, trip fees and uniform fees.
  3. Students who wish to use their student credits must complete and sign the Student Account Funds Request form. This form should be given to the discipline President.
  4. Student Account information should be posted on a monthly basis in the classroom.