About Us

The FFA is a 501(c)3 corporation whose purpose is to provide support to all of the Fine Arts Departments (Chorus, Visual Arts, Drama, Band, and Orchestra) through both monetary and people power resources. We accomplish this by fundraising and soliciting donations to help bridge the gap between what the teachers are given for their yearly budget and what they may actually need to help the program run smoothly.

Through membership and donations we have provided:

  • $500 scholarships for Outstanding Seniors.
  • Wireless Microphone System for Theatre Productions.
  • New baritone for Band.
  • Transportation to the Southern Invitational High School Choral Competition and Festival for Bella Voce.
  • Transportation for Visual Arts Classes to see Infinity Mirrors exhibit at the High Museum.
  • Renovation of Auditorium lobby, including paint, lighting systems, art hanging systems, and acoustical ceiling tiles.
  • Acoustic sound shells for use in the auditorium.
  • A stand-up and a grand piano for the Chorus.
  • A Vibraphone and a loan for a Marimba for the Band.
  • The Visual Arts gallery display system.
  • Music stand lights and piano bench for the auditorium.
  • Ink cartridges for the Visual Arts’ specialty printers.

The Foundation has been in existence since 1996 and has a ten member Executive Board that meets on a monthly basis. There are also numerous committee chairmen who are in charge of programs such as membership, fundraising, student accounts, corporate fundraising and the concession stand.

Through membership and donations we provide scholarships, equipment, art supplies, renovation dollars, and more. If you are not yet a member, please join us.

You can also support the FFA by sharing your talents. Please consider volunteering for one of our open Executive Board positions.

Also, check back regularly to participate in our year-round fundraisers!