Become a Volunteer

Our open positions (which are many!) include:

Vice Chairman – Do you like being in on the planning? Do you like making things run smoothly? Then this might be a good fit for you. Help run the meetings and the programs. Approximately 12 hours per month.

Treasurer – Are you good with money? Do you like working with figures? Then think about filling the Treasurer position. You would take care of the FFA Accounts for not only the board but also Chorus, Orchestra, Visual Arts and Theater Arts. Approximately 10 hours per month.

Secretary – Organized, maybe quiet, but likes to know what is going on. If this is you, this may be your position. You would take the notes of the monthly board meetings and then distribute them. Approximately 5 hours per month.

Fundraising – Do you have great ideas for raising money? Do you like working with the kids and faculty? Put your creative money making energy to work for the FFA! Time commitment varies, would be busy leading up to and during the fundraiser but then quiet the rest of the year.

Membership – Are you a people person? Do you like encouraging people to join a great cause? Then consider working in membership. You would keep track of the membership log and hand out the swag. Approximately 5 hours per month.

Communication – Do you like to write and communicate with the community? Consider working in communication putting notices of our concerts, productions, and special events in the local outlets, both written and electronic. Approximately 5 hours per month

Web Design – Are you familiar with WordPress? Consider joining our team to keep our website up to date. Time commitment varies – it will be updating forms and information on the site as needed.

If you can help us out, please contact us at If you are not interested in taking on one of these positions just yet, but would like to just be able to help in other ways, please contact us as well.